SAFEJAWZ Ortho Series Self-Fit Mouthguard for Braces – Black

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SAFEJAWZ® ORTHO SERIES ‘Black’ Mouthguard for brace wearers One size fits all.

We know that braces are expensive. They get even more expensive when they get damaged and need repairing. Don’t take that risk!

Introducing our Ortho Series range, the most advanced Orthodontic gum shield on the market. The mouthguard offers full protective cover of the upper bracket with it’s trademarked BRACE HARBOUR, but it also integrates LOWERBLOK™ which helps to protect the lips and inner cheek against the lower bracket (if the wearer has one).

Channel your inner beast with our ‘Fangz’ design.

Of course, we’ve still packed our Ortho Series range with all the features that SAFEJAWZ are renowned for

FluidFit™: Gum shields can be uncomfortable and bulky, especially when worn with braces! With our self-fit mouthguards (Boil and Bite), we have engineered a specific grade of EVA that when heated becomes pliable enough to fill the contours of the mouth, but hardens when cooled again to offer ample protection. It ensures the mouthguard fits like a glove and feels comfortable and unobtrusive when worn.

Just what an athlete needs!

Jaw Secure™: A pre-occluded (contoured) base that allows the bottom teeth to fit into the base of the mouthguard. This offers much more jaw stability.

RemodelTech™: Didn’t get the perfect fit first time? Don’t worry! RemodelTech™ allows you to repeat the fitting process multiple times until you’re happy.

We do not guarantee that this product will prevent injury during it´s use. It has been designed to minimise the potential of serious injury. View full conditions and details about the process here.

We back ourselves. Not happy with your fit? Get in touch and ask about our perfect fit guarantee. We´ll resolve the problem, send you a replacement, or give you your money back. Easy.



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