SAFEJAWZ Custom-fit Mouthguard – Pink

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Custom Fit Mouthguards are recommended for all athletes who take their sport seriously. A dental impression is taken of the wearer’s teeth using our simple SAFEJAWZ Impression System that you can use yourself at home. When you order this product, we will initially send out our Impression Kit which you will post back to us in the freepost bag provided.

Once received back at our lab, a custom-fit mouthguard is then handmade by dental technicians to the wearer’s specifications out of durable materials so that when they receive it, it’s a perfect fit and will last match after match, fight after fight.

The basic colour range offers the best value of our custom-fit guards and are available in a wide range of colours.

Size Options:

FULL CONTACT: Our Full-Contact mouthguards are recommended for sports where the head is an intentional target, sticks are used or regular head impacts are expected. Rugby Union, Rugby League, Field Hockey, Ice Hockey, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Boxing, Lacrosse and Kickboxing.

SEMI CONTACT: The Semi-Contact Custom-Fit Mouth Guards are slightly thinner than the full contact version, and are suitable for sports where there is not as much danger of oral injury and therefore a small amount of protection can be compromised for greater comfort. We recommend our Semi-Contact Mouthguards for the following sports; BMX, Water Polo, Football, Gaelic Football, Skiing, Basketball, Skateboarding.

Here is a video guide on how to take your own dental impression. All our kits also come with full detailed instructions.

We do not guarantee that this product will prevent injury during it´s use. It has been designed to minimise the potential of serious injury. View full conditions and details about the process here.

Please note: as different screens and devices display colours differently, the shade of this product may change just slightly. The design might also distort slightly as per the individuals dental arrangement.

We back ourselves. Not happy with your fit? Get in touch and ask about our perfect fit guarantee. We´ll resolve the problem, send you a replacement, or give you your money back. Easy.


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